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Javier Miley says Spaniard Pedro Sanchez is “incompetent, a liar and a coward” |  world

Javier Miley says Spaniard Pedro Sanchez is “incompetent, a liar and a coward” | world

Spain demands an apology after Miley’s speech

Argentine President Javier Miley stated, in an interview published by “La Nacion” newspaper today, Thursday (23), that Pedro Sanchez, the President of Spain, is… “Incompetent, liar and coward”. The leaders of the two countries exchange criticism and accusations, as does Spain Withdrew its ambassador from Buenos Aires.

When the newspaper asked him about his opinion of Sanchez, Miley said that the Spaniard had ordered the ministers to attack him. “He wanted to interfere in Argentine politics and have a role in Argentine politics, and then his ministers attacked me, and he did not even have the courage to do it. With the setback with the Minister of Transport, he sent women to attack me to try to label me as a misogynist.” (Read below how the diplomatic crisis began).

The Argentine stated that after this incident, “Sanchez used the state apparatus to respond. He even questioned the beautiful relationship between the peoples of Spain and Argentina, and today he has become a joke in Europe when it comes to diplomacy.”

After the minister’s statement, the Argentine presidential office denied “slander and defamation” and said that “the government of Pedro Sanchez has more important problems to deal with,” Such as the corruption charges pending against his wife“This is the issue that prompted him to consider resigning.”

Manos Limpias Gomez was accused of influence peddling and corporate corruption. However, the Prosecutor’s Office later closed the investigation on the grounds that the evidence provided – namely press information indirectly related to Sánchez’s wife – was insufficient.

After Miley’s statement about Sanchez’s wife, Spain demanded that the Argentine president apologize. Pedro Sanchez demanded “respect” for Miley, and stated that if there was no retreat, the Spanish government would take the necessary measures.

Miley responded that he would not apologize because he was attacked.

The situation worsened on Sunday. Miley traveled to Madrid to participate in a meeting of the far-right Vox party. He did not meet Sanchez or the king who heads the state.

At the Fox meeting, he stated that “global elites do not realize how destructive the implementation of the ideas of socialism can be, because it is something that is too distant for them, and they do not know what kind of society and country it can produce, what kind of people are in power and what levels of “The violations they can generate.”

Sanchez of the Spanish Socialist Party.

Miley continued his speech and said: “I mean, even if he has an immoral wife, he gets dirty and takes five days to think about her.”

Albarez said on Tuesday that the country had withdrawn its ambassador from Buenos Aires.

Miley responded to the ambassador’s withdrawal, calling the decision “a typical absurdity of an arrogant socialist” and stating that he would not summon the Argentine ambassador to Spain, Roberto Bosch. This measure does not mean severing diplomatic relations, as the Chargé d’Affaires will remain at the embassy.

Argentine President Javier Miley speaks at a far-right conference in Madrid, Spain, on May 19, 2024. – Photo: Manu Fernandez/AP