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Ivete Sangalo stands in a US children's store: "Pregnant?"

Ivete Sangalo stands in a US children’s store: “Pregnant?”

Ivete Sangalo is using the days she spends in the US to shop for heirs

the singer Yvette Sangalo He still enjoys his stay in Orlando, USA, and takes the opportunity to do some shopping. The artist had everyone get their feet off the ground and jump a lot at a super show held at Universal Park last week.

The show was very special. In addition to relying on the presence of his eldest son Marcelo who is 12 years old and is part of his band. Twins Marina and Helena, 4, and husband Daniel Cady took the stage with Vivita.

The duo stole the show! This was the first time that Helena and Marina participated in a famous mom show. She sang, jumped and danced, enjoying every moment and showing that music is in the family’s DNA.

In the city that gathers many shops, in addition to the famous parks, Yvette Sangalo I took the opportunity to replenish some items for the twins. The singer made sure to record the visit to a well-known network of articles devoted to children, and most worried fans were surprised. Soon some Animafos reacted and asked: “Pregnant?”

Walking through the aisles, the celebrity explained the visit. “I made the pants for my daughters, Marcelo is here too. Now I came looking for toys for girls,” he said. The singer was shopping alone, but revealed the idea was for the twins to be together. They wanted to come, but they slept in the car. And my mom is here alone, having fun,” He joked.

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Yvette Sangalo He praised the store for the service as much as the variety of products. Of course, the visit was marked by a disdain for Vivita, who took the opportunity to dance with one of the saleswomen! The celebrity also made a point of thanks to the owner of the establishment, winning the chance to have the entire store for herself, as they opened hours later to receive one of Brazil’s most famous votes.

Instagram clone Ivete Sangalo goes to the stroller store in the USA

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