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“I’ve never seen an elbow give a clause before,” Hulk says of a disallowed goal against Grêmio.

“I’ve never seen an elbow give a clause before,” Hulk says of a disallowed goal against Grêmio.

In the second half of the match against Grêmio, VAR indicated offside and the referee disallowed Alan Kardec’s goal, which would be the equalizer against Rio Grande do Sul.

After Atletico MG’s defeat against Gremio, in the Round of 16 of the Brazilian League, striker Hulk on Saturday (22nd) criticized the cancellation of the goal that would be Gallo’s equalizer with the Rio Grande do Sul team. “When they confirmed the offside situation, he (the referee) said that the elbow provided the conditions, I have never seen the elbows provide the conditions in football, but that is what he said,” the player said.

Before determining offside, Hulk would comment on the legality of the move. “They showed the movement very quickly on the screen, I couldn’t see it very well, but when I looked at the movement, I was next to the referee and said, ‘Master, look at the heel of the defender, the heel is working,'” he says.

Despite the criticism, the striker admitted defeat 1-0 and commented on the current state of the team (the Rooster has not won the Brazilian Championship for eight matches). He concluded: “Lack of attitude, lack of will, it’s definitely not the case, you see the players, everyone is doing their best, but when the result doesn’t come, that’s it, there are definitely a lot of things you have to tell us about this match so that in the next match we can improve, and be careful not to concede a goal like we did today.”

The Minas Gerais team’s next challenge is against Flamengo, at home, on July 29.

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