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it's the end?  WhatsApp is discontinued on some smartphones

it's the end? WhatsApp is discontinued on some smartphones

Dynamics WhatsApp That's about to change, leaving some mobile users on edge. The world's most widely used messenger will undergo a new phase of mobile cleanup, affecting both Android and iOS devices.

This decision aims to ensure compatibility with the latest operating systems, providing a more secure and efficient user experience.

The effect of continuous updates on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, known for its frequent updates and new features, now imposes stricter requirements on users. Cell phone Which you intend to support its functions. Increasing application complexity requires more advanced resources, such as processors and larger RAM capacity.

Old devices, because they do not meet these requirements, will not be able to work properly after the next updates.

Which mobile phones will be affected?

The list of devices that will lose support includes some popular models. Among iPhones, WhatsApp will no longer work properly on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. In the world of Android, many models from Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, ZTE and other brands will face compatibility challenges.

Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, suggests replacing affected devices to maintain quality and safety when using the app.

Meta's decision to continue allowing WhatsApp to be used on older models, despite potential bugs and security vulnerabilities, highlights the importance of moving to newer devices.

User experience and security of shared information are critical factors for the company, encouraging constant device updates.

Goal Recommendation: Change your cell phone to continue using WhatsApp

Meta, aware of the limitations that will arise in older devices, recommends changing to newer devices.

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This proposal aims to ensure that users continue to enjoy an uninterrupted experience when using WhatsApp, and avoid problems arising from the lack of technical support for older models.

Hence, WhatsApp is about to bid farewell to some Android and iOS devices. The constant evolution of technology requires adjustments, and Meta's recommendation to change cell phones highlights the importance of staying up to date to take full advantage of technological innovations.

This shift not only signals the end of an era for some Devicesbut also the arrival of a more advanced and connected future.