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Desenrola Brasil: Relief and a new beginning for debt-ridden Brazilians

Desenrola Brasil: Relief and a new beginning for debt-ridden Brazilians

As the number of Brazilians facing financial difficulties increased, the government launched the program Open BrazilIt is a program that aims to support citizens with incomes that reach the minimum wage and who are registered in the unified register. This program promises even relief 96% Reducing debt burden, bringing hope and new opportunities to many families.

How does Desenrola Brasil make your financial life easier?

The program allows beneficiaries to renegotiate their debts under very favorable conditions. In addition to big discounts, Open Brazil It offers the possibility of paying in installments for up to 60 months, as well as a quick process of clearing your name with credit protection agencies.

  • Monthly income up to the minimum wage.
  • Registered in the unified register.
  • Debts of up to R$20,000 due between January 2019 and December 2022.

These standards ensure that the program reaches those who truly need support to restructure their financial situation.

What debts can be renegotiated by Desenrola Brasil?

Hey Open Brazil It covers a wide range of debts, including debts owed by public institutions and banks, and in particular, educational debts such as FIES, which offer more advantageous terms for negotiation.

Specific benefits of FIES debt

For FIES debts, the program offers an exclusive opportunity with discounts that can reach 99% of the amount due, in addition to completely canceling the accumulated interest. This offer is available until the end of May, providing an excellent opportunity for students and former students to sort out their educational problems.

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How and where can you renegotiate your debts with Desenrola Brasil?

Renegotiation can be done through different platforms to ensure accessibility for all parties involved:

  • Services of external partners, such as Serasa.
  • Personalized service at post offices across the country.

Choosing one of these channels facilitates the renegotiation process, making access to the benefits of the program practical and effective.

Desenrola Brasil: A door to financial stability

Hey Open Brazil It is positioned as a valuable government initiative in seeking to solve the financial problems of the most vulnerable populations. Through a range of beneficial options, the program not only alleviates debt, but also proposes to restore financial dignity to participants, allowing for a fresh start free from the constraints of the past.