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Italian President and US Secretary of State discuss G7

Italian President and US Secretary of State discuss G7

– Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke by phone this Tuesday (2) on the bilateral agenda and the Italian leadership of the G7.

“The long and friendly call with Secretary Blinken marks the beginning of the Italian G7 Presidency. The excellent relations between Italy and the United States are at the heart of the government's foreign policy. There is full agreement on the priorities for our G7: Ukraine, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, Africa and Artificial Intelligence?,” Tajani wrote.

While affirming the need to seek a diplomatic solution in the Middle East, the Foreign Ministry explained that Tajani expressed satisfaction with the December 22 adoption of a UN resolution on humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Thanking the United States for its constructive stance, he reiterated the centrality of cooperation within the United Nations to resolve the crisis.

“Italy is determined to avoid the regionalization of the conflict and to ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance to the citizens of Gaza. We are now following with great attention the recent developments in Lebanon and the Red Sea to prevent the opening of other crisis theaters ? , he assured.

“The situation in Ukraine, the conflicts in the Middle East and artificial intelligence are priority topics for our G7 presidency. I thanked my friend Antony for supporting our agenda, a solid and clear source of transatlantic debt,” the deputy prime minister said.

“The deepening friendship between Rome and Washington will benefit everyone by working together with other G7 partners to take concrete actions,” he said.

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“Finally, I confirmed to Secretary of State Blinken that the Italian leadership of the G7 will focus more on the Indo-Pacific, a region experiencing rapid growth and growing competition,” Tajani concluded. .