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“It opened my eyes to LGBTQIA+.”

“It opened my eyes to LGBTQIA+.”

Former BBB24 participant Lady Eileen spoke about her brother's gender transition process and how the family supported him. She revealed her concerns about bias as well as Tomaz's transphobia during the programme.

From left to right: brother Tomaz, mother and Lady Eileen

Photo: clone/Instagram/@leidyelin

Lady Elaineformer participant of BBB24Talk about a process Gender transition What your brother is going through. Currently, the family is struggling to have surgery to remove his breast implants. But at first, Liddy admitted it was difficult to separate his brother's image from his registered name.

“He said he wanted to change his name and have his breasts removed. We were very supportive of him, so we took him to a psychologist to have the procedure done. He asked us what we thought about what name he would have. It took us a while to get used to calling him Tomaz because we said his registered name since he was Young. And now we're running after him to have the breast removed, which is something he really wants to do,” the former BBB said, in an interview with the magazine from.

Lady admitted she learned a lot about the LGBTQIA+ community after her brother came out as a trans man. In her conversation with the magazine, she revealed the fears that the family began to feel about prejudice in the streets.

“People should learn to respect others, and accept opinions without making funny jokes. It is very important that they seek to learn more about these issues. When my brother said he was trans, I had no knowledge of the topic. He opened my website,” she said. “LGBTQIA +. “I am very grateful.”

Transphobia during the program

During the reality show, Tomaz was the victim of online transphobia. “They made jokes saying he was a bad man. He had suffered a lot. I was very upset when I found out. When Tomaz saw me, he cried hard, saying he loved me very much and would never leave me.” From my hand,” she said.

The young man filed a police report against the person who made the comment. Liddy stated that he would leave the situation in the hands of justice.

Self-Portrait Series: “I went through a gender transition after I turned 40.”

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