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Dua Lipa Announces Cover & Clip Date for New Song titled Love Again

Photo: Play / Instagram

Entering the final stage of promoting Future Nostalgia’s album, Dua Lipa announced that their new single Love Again will release a video on Friday, June 4. In addition to the date, the singer also released the cover song with a clown theme.

This will likely be the last single from the album released last year, Joe Kentish, head of UK Artists and References, said in an interview with diverse That the singer is already working on her next studio album, the third of her career.

Joe Kentish also revealed that the singer is something different from everything she has ever done and that she doesn’t even consider taking a break from her career. “She was talking about the third album when we were barely done with the second album. You’re kind of hoping she’d like to take a break or do things differently, but she says, ‘Well, what’s next? “Her interests, her knowledge, her thirst for learning new things and controlling what she does grow and grow.”

Although the nostalgic era has closed, the British singer is still reaping the rewards of success with him. A few weeks ago he received a platinum certification for the single. Would there be another hit with Love Again to wind up with boom?

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