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Israel says Lebanon will “bear the cost” of Hezbollah’s attacks

Israel says Lebanon will “bear the cost” of Hezbollah’s attacks

The group has been carrying out attacks on Israeli territory since October 7; The latest attack was on Monday (November 13)

The Israeli army announced, on Sunday (November 12, 2023), that it is ready to intensify its front against attacks coming from Lebanon, and that the country’s citizens ““He will bear the cost.” Hezbollah is allied with Hamas. The extremist group based in Lebanese territory carried out attacks against Israel.

The latest attack from Lebanon was on Monday (November 13). Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli army, stated that the government detected the firing of mortar shells (weapons designed to throw grenades) coming from Lebanese territory and landing in Israel.

In a televised speech on Sunday (November 12), Hagari said:“Israel Defense Forces concentrated” In the attacks on the Gaza Strip, But who are they?“In a very high state of readiness in the north.” On the border with Lebanon.

Lebanese citizens will bear the cost of this recklessness and the cost of Hezbollah’s decision to defend Hamas and ISIS [Estado Islâmico]He stated that the army intends to change the way security is implemented in the border area.

“The form of safety will not remain one in which the residents of the North do not feel safe when returning to their homes.”He said.

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