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A woman was arrested for failing to return the 6.8 million Rials she had received in error

A woman was arrested for failing to return the 6.8 million Rials she had received in error

Klein Spadoni, 33, was arrested last Wednesday (07) after refusing to return more than $ 1.2 million (roughly R $ 6.8 million) that had been mistakenly deposited into her bank account.

The woman, who was previously employed as a dispatcher in a suburb of New Orleans, USA, was arrested on charges of robbery, bank fraud and illegal transfer of money.

According to US officials, a management error caused Charles Schwab, a large financial services firm, to deposit more than $ 1.2 million into a Kelyn account. The transfer the company intended to make was only $ 82 (R $ 466). When the bank attempted to repatriate the amount, the request was rejected because the amount was no longer available.

According to the authorities, Spadoni immediately transferred the money to another account and used part of the funds to buy a car and a new house.

The company tried to contact Kelyn several times, but was unsuccessful. The company filed a lawsuit against it in federal court last Monday (12). Charles Schwab has recovered 75% of the value so far.

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