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Instant lock of stolen mobile phones

Instant lock of stolen mobile phones

Since it is a portable device, it is easy to transport a cell phone anywhere, which raises concerns about the security of the device due to the risk of theft.

In response to this concern, Google announced a new feature for the Android operating system specifically designed to protect cell phones in the event of theft.

How does the upcoming anti-theft feature work on Android?

According to the tech giant, this function can lock the cell phone screen when it determines that someone has suddenly snatched the device from your hand. This technology was called “theft detection lock”, which translates to “theft detection lock”.

This feature was introduced during the Google I/O event, which is held annually for developers. According to the company, the function will be available later this year on devices starting with Android 10.

Among its features, this feature uses artificial intelligence to detect when the phone is snatched from the user’s hand and the thief tries to run, bike, or escape.

It is important to highlight that this function can be particularly useful in large cities, where there are a greater number of criminals approaching on bicycles with the aim of stealing mobile phones from the hands of victims.

New measures against theft and burglary announced by Google

At the same event, the company announced further measures against device theft and theft, as the device’s screen will be locked when the operating system recognizes too many unsuccessful authentication attempts, which is a clear indication that it is not the owner of the cell phone. Trying to access the device.

Furthermore, access to the contents of the device will be blocked if the attacker tries to disconnect the device several times in a row.

What to do if your cell phone is stolen

If your cell phone is stolen, it is essential to act quickly to minimize the damage. In this sense, Google’s Find My Device feature can help you if you’re an Android user. With it, you can locate, block, and even erase data on your cell phone remotely.

To use this function, simply access Google’s Find My Device page through your browser and sign in with your Google account.

In addition to trying to locate your cell phone, it is important to block your credit cards immediately. Contact the financial institutions responsible for your cards and report the theft. This way, you can prevent criminals from making fraudulent purchases or transactions in your name.

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