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In this pandemic, Brazil is caught between science and Bolsonaro

Brazilian or foreign air travelers arriving in Brazil on an international flight will have to provide proof, printed or electronic, of vaccination against Covid-19 or undergo a five-day quarantine at the place of destination, starting Saturday 11, according to the decree published this Thursday, in Federal Gazette. In both cases, a negative RT-PCR laboratory test in the last 72 hours or a negative antigen test in the past 24 hours is necessary.

The National Congress passed the proposed amendment to the Precaratorio Constitution, in tranches, making room in the budget for the payment of Auxillo Brasil, a replacement for Bolsa Família. The government intends to pay at least R$400 per month to beneficiaries of the program that was created to be the hallmark of Jair Bolsonaro’s administration. The decree, which changes the inflation-adjustment rule for the spending cap, opens up, according to budget advice to the House of Representatives (Kunov), a fiscal space of R$64.9 billion next year.

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