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A woman sends her husband a doctor's sign.  surprise answer

A woman sends her husband a doctor’s sign. surprise answer

The American Brinlee Miles went viral on TikTok by sending her husband to a dermatologist appointment in a somewhat unusual way. In the video, the man is shown with several spots around his body, followed by the caption: “This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist.”

Brinley record every Warts that cause concern in your partner’s body. The virus also reveals the moment the young man returns from his appointment, with notes written by the dermatologist along with the signs. “And that’s how she brought him back, laughing,” says the post.

According to the professional’s assessment, most warts were nothing to worry about. These are marked as ‘good’.

In only two cases, the patches had a “I took it for testing” note, which means they had to undergo a biopsy, The procedure in which part of the tissue is removed To look for signs of skin cancer.

In response to a comment, Brinley explained that it would take up to 10 days for results to appear. The video was posted on November 30th.

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Users enjoyed and shared similar experiences. One dermatologist commented that such scenes are common in the office and that they usually happen “at least twice a week”.

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Another user revealed, “I work in dermatology and you’d be surprised how many women send their husbands in circles.”

Skin cancer prevention

The Skin cancer is one of the most common types of skin cancer in Brazil. The disease accounts for 27% of all diagnosed malignancies, according to data from National Cancer Institute (INCA). Early detection is critical to treatment.

Dermatologists recommend watching for moles that grow, spots that grow, marks that change, or wounds that don’t heal – their presence can reveal skin cancer. Routine self-examination facilitates identification of cases.

December is the month dedicated to raising awareness about skin cancer prevention.