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In the US, Tesla cars are left uncharged due to the cold

In the US, Tesla cars are left uncharged due to the cold

Several electric vehicles from Elon Musk's car company were unusable on Monday (January 15); Tesla did not comment

Tesla drivers faced problems while trying to charge their electric vehicles at a charging center in the US state of Illinois. For the first time in the region, the sub-freezing temperatures left the chargers out of service, leading owners to tow away cars without a charge.

In the Chicago metropolitan area, owners of electric vehicles from Elon Musk's automaker said 3 of those 13 Superchargers – The company's charging centers were closed Monday (Jan. 15, 2024), likely due to extremely cold weather, particularly in Oak Brook, Rosemont and Country Club Hills.

Complaints are filed through an official forum Tesla Motors Club . One user in the comments says: “Fortunately, only 3 out of about 13 stations around Chicago are completely down. But yes, Tesla should talk about it. I've driven my Tesla a few times in Chicago, but I always charge well outside of the area..

All Tesla vehicles offer it, the automaker's website says “Optimum Performance in Winter Driving”But in colder temperatures, vehicles use more energy to heat the battery and cabin “It's normal to see an increase in energy consumption.”.

Yet on a Tesla forum, a comment says “local people” Unable to pre-condition before arrival superchargers, This will make the charging problem worse. One user responded: “It's hard to precondition when you're in a tow truck.”.

According to Tesla, pre-conditioning – or pre-heating – the battery before a charging session is essential, especially in colder seasons. Heating the battery to an ideal temperature not only increases its life but also improves the efficiency of the vehicle.

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website EVs inside He pointed out that extremely low temperatures can freeze charging cables, connectors and other essential components Supercharger From Tesla. This affects the efficiency and effectiveness of electronic components, leading to failures or shutdowns.

Tesla hasn't responded to the complaints, but on Wednesday (January 17), the company's official account posted a video on X that explains the car's defrosting feature. “No need for ice scrapers”.