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In the last trimester of pregnancy, Viviane Araújo cannot close the shorts: "They will explode"

In the last trimester of pregnancy, Viviane Araújo cannot close the shorts: “They will explode”

With a giant belly, Viviane Araújo shows that she can no longer use her clothes and amuses her followers

In the last stage of her first pregnancy, the actress Vivian Araujo Followers on Wednesday evening (27), enjoyed showing that old clothes no longer fit your body.

Her gigantic stomach, she appeared in a cartoon video where she tried to snap a pair of jeans, but it didn’t work. Amused, she even named it an acronym that talks about weight gain.

“Clothes, I really need them, because I do not lose weight, I do the opposite, and the clothes no longer fit me,” She wears, as she struggles to get the shorts closed around her waist.

In the post’s comment, the muse only said that little Joachim, who’s about to hit the world, is doing just fine: “And Joachim is great, my love!”he wrote.

In the comments the fans did not spare the praise and enjoyed the moment: “Joachim is a giant”, “What a beautiful belly”, “a huge belly”, “it will explode”, “the most beautiful mother”, Some said.

a look:


actress Vivian Araujo Everything is ready for the arrival of little Joachim and now, after eight months of pregnancy, he has decided to promote the baby tea “Junino” to the heir.

Joachim Charrayá It will be held next Thursday (28th) at the Concert House in Recreo dos Bandeirantes, in Rio de Janeiro, and its theme is the June Festivals. Information from the newspaper Extra.

even wife Guilherme Militao She decided to save money and did not intend to spend almost anything on the event: the location and the buffet exchanged – that is, she could use the service for advertising on social networks.

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