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In partnership with NASA, Brazil is participating in a mission to the Moon

In partnership with NASA, Brazil is participating in a mission to the Moon

The search for the unknown has always penetrated the human essence, and now it is Brazil is about to sign its name in space achievements in a pioneering manner.

With a transformative collaboration between the Institute of Technical Aeronautics (ITA) and the prestigious US space agency, NASA, the country is poised to play a critical role in a revolutionary lunar mission: Project Selenita.

In partnership with NASA, Brazil is participating in a mission to the Moon

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Two years after the signing of a historic cooperation agreement between the Brazilian government and NASAAnd For the ambitious Artemis programme, a new era awaits us.

The SelenITA project, an unprecedented collaboration between ITA, the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) and funder of studies and projects (Finep), stands out as a beacon of hope and innovation.

With an estimated budget of R$39 million, the project is bold and promises to open doors that have long been envisioned.

Visual project not only consolidates Brazil in global space landscapebut it also joins renowned academic institutions, including the Universities of Iowa and Michigan in the United States, and NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

The result is a body of knowledge and ingenuity whose potential will reverberate throughout the universe.

Meet SelenITA

Photo: MundoGEO/Reproduction

SelenITA is programmed to be more than a simple exploration tool. With completion scheduled for 2028, it aims to become a scientific beacon that will light up moon. The mission aims to deepen our understanding of the magnetic fields above the lunar crust, which intertwine with the solar wind flowing from the distant sun.

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However, his ambition does not stop there. This space traveler will examine the dust particles swirling on the lunar surface, bringing with them ancient stories of asteroid and meteor impacts.

The genius behind the project

The creative mind behind this achievement is engineer Luis Lloris, a name that would become synonymous with spatial progress in Brazil. It was Lloris who laid the foundations for this project in 2021. However, on July 21 of this year, his aspirations became a reality.

He asserts that by aligning Brazil with countries like China, Russia and India, Japan And the United States, SelenITA, is a steady step towards intergalactic exploration.

Moreover, he emphasizes the acumen of the initiative, which promises to benefit not only lunar research, but also to fertilize the soil for technological innovation in unexplored regions.