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In November, Reino Unido da Libertade and Tubana present "Feijuga da Furiosa".

In November, Reino Unido da Libertade and Tubana present “Feijuga da Furiosa”.

Battery Furiosa from Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba Unido da Liberdade promotes “Feijuca da Furiosa” on November 19. After two years, the school presents one of the association’s most anticipated events to the community at large. The event will take place at the Terreirão do Samba Mãe Zulmira Gomes from 12 noon.

General Director of Drums, Rangel Magalhas, said that 300 percussionists is the ideal amount for Drums to be obsessed with.

“It is through this number of people who fall in love with their drum that resonates in the drumming community, giving a special shine to the most beautiful golden crown, a symbol of royalty that lives in the hearts of Reunitedness. On the right drum”, added.

Drums give their fierce cut, beauty and a lot of sambar on the feet, this is one of the requirements that give a ten (10) sought after look on the avenue and all this feminine charm comes from : Georgia Varela – Rainha of Drums/ Ellen Juliana – Godmother of Drums and Lady Keron – Queen of the School , all enter the single song of Master of Drums “Nika” and its 13 directors.

At the party, attractions include: David Assayac, Patrick Araujo, Yuntel Pinheiro, Nego Leo, Bateria Show do Reino with the participation of the school departments, Banda Impacto, James Rios, Grupo Estrella, Marcia Siqueira and in the interval, DJ Rafa. Militao.

In addition to the attractions, visitors will be given prizes and various parts of furious drums.

The association is part of the Special Group of Manas and its plot “Bat the drum strong, furious! I want it tick tick tick” opens the curtain for UK Zezinho Corrêa”. For lovers of the United Kingdom, this is one of the events that officially marks the beginning of technological experiments and trawling of the Moro community. .The association is currently chaired by Willian Pimentel and his vice-chairman Ivan de Oliveira.

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Information on Feijuca da Furiosa, sales of shirts and rooms: (WhatsApp) 99101-7609


Furiosa beans

Date: 19 November (Saturday);

Location: Avenida São João, 195/Morro da Liberdade

Timings: 12 Noon onwards