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In cooperation with Fanta, the game announces new features

In cooperation with Fanta, the game announces new features

In a new partnership, Coca-Cola and Bandai Namco Entertainment have announced an exclusive partnership Game For the Pac-Man mobile app.

This time, Fanta is the hero of the theme, bringing with her a colorful maze of over 100 stages.

The proposal is exciting, as players will have the chance to win exclusive vouchers on delivery apps, which could lead to the equivalent of a year of free Fanta.

This fun game is scheduled to debut in March 2024 and will be available to players in Brazil.

In addition to this novelty, the partnership promises significant returns for players. paying off!

Pac-Man and Fanta in a new partnership

Ted Ketterer, Head of Marketing at Coca-Cola Brazil, commented on the exciting collaboration between Fanta and Pac-Man and revealed that they have high expectations for this partnership.

As part of this action, Fanta is preparing to launch From limited edition packaging of all of its flavours, including the popular Fanta Guaraná, featuring Pac-Man and Ghosts. Each package will contain a QR code that will provide fans with direct access to the mobile game.

Ketterer stressed that the partnership is a perfect union, as Pac-Man, as a gaming icon, shares the same playful spirit as Fanta.

Pac-man and Fanta announce new features – Image: Reproduction

Starting in March of this year, interested parties will be able to access the game by downloading the file to request Pac-Man mobile is available in iOS and Android stores. The exact date has not been announced yet.

Many new features related to the partnership have not yet been announced, which promises exciting surprises for consumers in different regions of the country. Of course, we look forward to what is being prepared!

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The mobile experience will transcend screens and come to life in the real world. In São Paulo, fans will have a unique opportunity to experience the famous characters in an action-packed maze like never before.