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In a year of strong games, data suggests that Starfield may have been the biggest launch of 2023

In a year of strong games, data suggests that Starfield may have been the biggest launch of 2023

Starfield has broken many of Microsoft’s records in terms of success, which is without a doubt, The most talked about game of 2023. Of course, we are still the strongest Call of duty In November, this could take the podium in a new Bethesda game. However, preliminary data indicate this Probably the biggest release of 2023.

This year we had many strong games like Hogwarts, Zelda, Star Wars, Diablo IV, Resinte Evil 4, Final Fantasy 16 and Dead Island 2. Despite all this, Starfield, according to data from the reliable website GamesIndustry.biz, is impressive.

Below, check out the comments of Christopher Dring, who is always interested in data on game sales:

Starfield is No. 1 in the UK chartsWhat is this Awesome. It’s not the biggest physical release of 2022 (it’s behind Hogwarts, Zelda, Star Wars, Resi 4, FF16, and Dead Island 2 on this list), but it’s almost identical to Diablo 4, and that’s important because…

Diablo 4 was a huge digital success. Starfield will be similar as it is on the two most popular digital platforms (PC and Xbox). Note: Diablo is also on PS5, which works well physically.

Add arcade game…This could be the biggest release of 2023. This means something.

Therefore, we remember that Xbox players prefer digital media, they have a different culture than the Playstation audience. However, Starfield was the sales leader, although it was also present on PC – which is mostly digital – and on Xbox Game Pass.

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On Starfield’s launch day, Microsoft 6 million players in less than 24 hours! A record for Bethesda! On Steam, the game has already surpassed Skyrim in terms of number of concurrent players, though it is easily ahead of Game Pass. Starfield also achieved a very rare milestone, surpassing 1 million concurrent players across all platforms.