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“I’m even a flower delivery guy.”

“I’m even a flower delivery guy.”

Actor Eric Marmo, 46, has been very successful as a heartthrob in TV Globo’s series, especially in Mulheres Apaixonadas, where the artist gives life to the character of Claudio. Living in the US since 2014, Marmo has not limited himself to acting as a way of working. In an interview with a national portal, he said that he does everything, even delivering flowers.

“In addition to acting, I work as a presenter, voice actor, producer, video maker, football coach, social media manager, model and even deliver flowers … Larisa [esposa de Erik] He makes beautiful flower arrangements, which have already been well received by many famous artists here. Normally, I’m the one doing the delivery,” he said during the interview.

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In the field of acting, Eric has made guest appearances in the series The Purge and Animal Kingdom. He’s also made a short film, Alexis, and will soon appear in Bittersweet, Giving Life to a Lawyer.

Eric Marmo is married to model Larissa Bournier, and they have two children, Daniel, 13, and Nathan, 11. The family lives in Los Angeles, California.

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