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Identical: A Brazilian artist uses AI to show what it would be like if Moana were a real person

Identical: A Brazilian artist uses AI to show what it would be like if Moana were a real person

Moana character

Photo – Playback / Walt Disney Studios

The movie “Moana – A Sea of ​​Adventures” was released in 2016 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It had the participation of Dwayne Johnson as the character Maui and newcomer Auli’i Cravalho as the protagonist Moana.

The story follows the journey of the heiress of the chief of the Motonui tribe, who is tasked with finding and returning a mystical relic of a goddess, and traveling in search of a legendary deity who can help her save her people.

With beautiful scenery and a good soundtrack, the movie grossed around 642 million US dollars worldwide.

In Brazil, it was released in theaters in 2017, catching the attention of both children and adults with its engaging story and captivating characters.

Due to copyright issues, Musker and Clements abandoned a project they were working on to devote themselves to “Moana”. Three original ideas were submitted to Disney, and the film was approved for production in 2011. The main character becomes the company’s first Polynesian princess.

the artist Hydroly Diaw He used his photo-editing skills and, with the help of artificial intelligence, re-imagined what Moana would look like if she were a real person. The end result was stunning, preserving all of the character’s key physical characteristics, giving her a more human appearance.

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