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The events of Cows begin in the capital of Amazonas

After the carnival season, the boi-bumbá-loving crowd is getting excited as boi-bumbá season approaches. While the official event schedule for the Parintins bulls has yet to be announced, some partner groups in Pumbaa have already begun running events to “warm up” the blue and red players until the official season arrives. paying off:

Immediately after Carnapoe, the “Povo Festeiro” event takes place on March 4, at 7 pm, at the Amazonas – Vasco Vasco Convention Center (Avenida Constantino Neri, 5001, Flores). The event will feature concerts by Edmundo Oran and Patrick Araujo with the presence of Marcela Marialva (Porta Standarte), Valentina Cid (Sinhazinha) and Marcel Albuquerque (Cunha-Buranga).

The event was organized by Blog Azul, a fan movement of Boi Caprichoso. Tickets are already on sale through the website www.sympla.com.br and are available at the Bibi Cell Importadora store and at Bar do Lourinho.

To continue the rhythm of “two for having two here”, the “Feijão Azul” event will take place on March 11 at 12:00, at Sesi Clube do Trabalhador (Avenida Cosme Ferreira, 7399, São José 1). The party is hosted by Amo do Boi Produções and Grupo Manauara, and is supported by Movimento Marujada. Tickets are already in the second batch and can be purchased online at www.sympla.com.br or in person at the Canto Caprichoso store.

Certain attractions are lifter Toadas Patrick Araújo, Amo do Boi Prince do Boi, and presenter Edmundo Oran.

Tickets for the event are already on sale. The VIP area and track are available at the Onix Prime Jóias Folheadas store in Millennium Shopping and Sumaúma Park Shopping. To purchase a cabin, call (92) 99230-2471.

Another bohemian red option is Da Baixa Bar, located at Rua Francisco Couto Vale, 166, in the Petropolis district. It is a hotbed of red and white bull lovers in Manaus. There, the public can find themed decoration that alludes to grotto, cold beer, and plenty of dancing to the tune of Boi Garantido. More info on Instagram (@dabaixabar).


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