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“I Own My Life” · TV News

“I Own My Life” · TV News

Marilyn Matos has spoken out after being attacked for appearing alongside Jean Willis. The businesswoman announced the appointment of the former deputy to the podcast project. “I am the owner of my life and my perceptions and I have never allowed myself to be told what to do, and this is the way I intend to follow,” she said.

Through Instagram, The director posted a photo showing her holding hands with Willis. “Partnership Updated Successfully: Reunited and hiring for the next podcast,” she captioned it.

A few hours later, Marilyn published a new blog in which she talked about her relationship with the former MP and mentioned the fact that she was attacked by Internet users who did not approve of the friendship.

“I have a thousand reasons to love Jean Willis. He is intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, a friend to his friends: Jean is not fake! I love him and that is enough for us! I never wanted or aspired to be different, I am just Marilyn, at the same time my way, with My picks and my white shirts,” he began.

I don’t control people’s minds, there’s one more thing I want to tell you: I own my life and my perceptions and I’ve never let anyone tell me what to do, and this is the way I intend to follow it!

Marilyn used the space to defend Willis and suggested to those who were upset to stop going after her. “To the people who say barbaric things about Jean, I can say that he has done them no harm. If someone does not sympathize with me, there is nothing they can do here.”

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He added: “Be very careful with judgments based on ‘heard’ and guesswork. For more honest opinions, less lice! Judging without knowledge is a cowardly act, so I ask you: jump out of my boat.”

In the comments of the post, Internet users reacted to the businesswoman’s position. Hector Dias said: “Jean, full of wrong close-ups, and difficult to agree with any of his ideas, has not yet done anything relevant as a representative of the people.”

“I love you, but I don’t like him. As a normal person, he should be nice to you, but as a public person, approving and liking him is beyond my principles,” Danilo Leite wrote.