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The fourth day of FICAR 2023 breaks the attendance record with the Ana Castilla show

The fourth day of FICAR 2023 breaks the attendance record with the Ana Castilla show

On the night of Saturday 8 July, the Industrial and Commercial Fair of Assis e Região (FICAR 2023) reached an impressive milestone, breaking the public record for the year, with thousands of people attending the venue. The highlight was the long-awaited performance by country singer Ana Castella, who took the stage at 11:30 pm and wowed the audience in attendance with her songs.

In addition to the show, FICAR had a varied and engaging program this Saturday, which drew a large number of people throughout the day.

Aerial view of the FICA enclosure
Publicity - An aerial view of the Ana Castilla show on Saturday 8 July at FICAR
An aerial view of Ana Castilla’s concert on Saturday, July 8 at FICAR
Publicity - Ana Castilla performs at the Arena Stage at the 2023 FICAR
Ana Castilla performing on the Arena stage at FICAR 2023

With the gates open from 10:00 a.m., the public can check out a 3-barrel test, motocross, aerial acrobatics show, hip-hop show, and another stage rodeo at Rancho Primavera. In addition to the cultural attractions, the audience at the fair can also visit a large food court, an animal exhibition, a machinery exhibition, and much more.

Press Release - Arena do Rodeo receives another stage from Rancho Primavera
Rodeo Arena receives another stage at Rancho Primavera
Disclosure - The public was in attendance for the entire fourth day of the fair
The audience was present throughout the fourth day of the fair

The organization of the event this Sunday, the 9th, hopes that there will be a large number of people at the FICAR venue to honor the grand finale of the rodeo and the final show of this year’s edition, with the duo Maiara & Maraísa.

FICAR is organized by the Associação Assisense de Rodeo (AAR), with the support of the City Council and the City Council of[link=””>Assis[link=””>Assis[link=””>Assis[link=””>Assis

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