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Hurricane Ian: Brazilians in Florida stock up on groceries and face queues at the supermarket |  Paraiba

Hurricane Ian: Brazilians in Florida stock up on groceries and face queues at the supermarket | Paraiba

Brazilians in Florida reported that they are preparing for the passage of Hurricane Ian, which is supposed to occur in the state on Wednesday (28). One of the main actions is stocking up on groceries, which has caused long queues in supermarkets.

Edson Jr., of Paraíba, who lives in Orlando, faced a full supermarket and long lines when buying groceries for the next few days on Wednesday (28). The game developer has lived with his wife in Florida for three years and states that he has never seen a hurricane as severe as Ian.

“We’re following the news in the mainstream media, and we’re expecting the hurricane to be very strong. We’re already preparing, but we’re a little nervous,” he said.

This phenomenon passed through Cuba and left two dead. According to the US National Hurricane Center (NHC), Hurricane is expected to reach Florida at level 4that is, stronger.

Journalist Joao Cunha does not live in the United States, but has been in Orlando for a month with his mother to help his recently born sister. He told Paraibano that he was following the news “but without despair”. The family already went to the supermarket and bought food for the next few days.

João Cunha’s family actually went to the supermarket to buy food and water over the next few days, in Orlando – Photo: João Cunha/Personal Archive

“Lessons are suspended today, so we avoid going out as much as possible. We have already bought groceries for the next three days, refueled the car (in case we need to evacuate) and are following the news, but without despair.”

At home is mother Joao Cunha, as well as his sister who lives in Orlando and their two children, a 4-year-old boy and a 17-day-old girl.

The journalist reported that he will go on Thursday (29) to attend a performance by Milton Nascimento, from the “Ultima Seso di Musica” tour. However, the show has been rescheduled for Sunday (2) due to the hurricane.

Infographic showing the projected projection of Hurricane Ian’s path – Photo: Arte g1

Despite the precautions, Orlando is still not part of the cities with the highest hurricane preparedness. Eight areas of the state have been ordered to leave at-risk locations: Charlotte, Hillsboro, Lee, Levi’s, Manatee, Pasco, Pinellas, and Sarasota. Gulf Coast residents are closing their homes and moving to higher ground. The storm will receive a lot of rain and strong winds.

The day before, a storm hit Cuba, leaving the entire island without electricity and killing two people, as well as villages inundated. The storm devastated the western tip of the island with winds and floods.

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