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How will WhatsApp be updated with animated emojis?

How will WhatsApp be updated with animated emojis?

Tools like Telegram and Messenger are always looking for resources to improve users’ experience during conversations. a WhatsApp Don’t intend to be left behind and are now working on sending out exams animated emojiin order to improve the messenger dynamics.

The feature is found in the beta version of the desktop app, i.e. the option we used on the desktop. However, the goal of Meta – the responsible company – is to release the functionality as close as possible to the mobile version.

Animated emoji functions

But, if there are already a lot of resources, such as voice and video calls, attached (stickers), GIFs and the emojis themselves, what is the need for animated emojis now? The reason is simply and simply to make users’ experience more dynamic and friendly so that the messenger will continue to be preferred by people over Telegram, for example, which already has this functionality.

Yes. The update will come, but how will it work? What would be the blessing of work?

Animated emojis are created from Lottie, an enhanced library that allows designers to create their own animations. Because of this, not all emojis will probably have this option initially.

Initially, users will have no control over whether to turn this feature on or off. So, if the selected emoji has an animation option, it will be sent automatically. Until the new version is released, the company expects the power off option to already be attached to the update.

The goal of the new update is to bring new experiences to user conversations through the application and to facilitate messages to express feelings and intentions in a prominent way, according to the communicative intention, in groups or private conversations.

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According to information from WABetaInfoMeta plans to release this feature in a future update. However, there was no confirmation that it will actually be available in the next version.