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How to turn off 2G network on Android 12 phones to avoid spying

How to turn off 2G network on Android 12 phones to avoid spying

Mobile phones running Android 12 were launched recently, in October 2021. For this reason, little by little new features are being discovered, one of which is the possibility to deactivate the 2G network.

Although it seems like a small change, in fact it is quite the opposite, as the 2G network has many weaknesses for the user. Follow this article, understand why and learn How to turn off 2G network on Android 12 phones To prevent espionage.

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The second generation network and the danger of espionage

Launched in 1990, 2G is one of the oldest forms of communication. However, this type of technology is outdated and has many security weaknesses in light of the significant developments in this field in recent years.

So, one such weakness is that it does not have an authentication between the mobile device and the tower. Another shortcoming concerns a very weak type of encryption for communication.

Because of these weaknesses, the 2G network can easily be targeted by so-called Stingrays. These are phone network-like tools that are a potential spying device.

Stingray is able to connect to mobile phones and access user data. In this way, the prospect of deactivating the 2G network on Android 12 phones is cause for celebration, putting an end to this type of attack.

How to disable 2G network on Android 12?

Disabling the 2G network on your Android 12 phone is very simple. Go to your device’s settings and tap “Network & Internet”.

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Then look for “SIMs” option and check 2G permission. However, depending on your device model, the path may vary slightly.

It is important to note that to perform this function, the smartphone must have Radio HAL version 1.6. And if you are wondering if turning off 2G for your cell phone can cause any problems, know that the answer is no! This is because the 2G network is only used when we are in places very far from urban centers, that is, in places not covered by 3G and 4G networks.

Now that you know how to turn off 2G network on Android 12 phones to avoid spying, take the opportunity to forward this article to your friend who would like to know about it as well.