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A capillary-shaped object has been found on Mars that interests NASA

A capillary-shaped object has been found on Mars that interests NASA

NASA made a strange discovery, to say the least. On Mars, the Persevering Exploration and Research rover has discovered a pasta-like substance. It is coiled, like a rope. It also resembles a vortex.

The space agency made the image available on its website Site official. It was captured at 4:56pm MST by one of the cameras used to avoid hitting obstacles on the road. Since the rover did not have direct contact with the body, its size is unknown, but it is likely that it did not exceed a few centimeters.

Discovered in Crater Jezeroone of the regions of the planet where an ancient river is believed to have passed.

This place is one of the places where science is making it believe that there may have been life on Mars or it has been, perhaps microbial. The rock material recovered by the perseverance has not yet been analyzed to try to find more evidence.

Most likely, though, “pasta” is space junk. That’s because Perseverance actually found something else unusual in June: a kind of thermal blanket hidden in a boulder. It was attached to a package of the rocket-powered jet plane that helped the spacecraft land on the planet’s surface in 2021.

All samples collected by the rover are expected to return to Earth by 2033, according to the US National Agency.

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