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How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp |  technology

How to Edit Messages on WhatsApp | technology

Message editing option in WhatsApp – Image: Disclosure / WhatsApp

WhatsApp has launched a feature that allows you to edit sent messages. You can use the option up to 15 minutes after you share the text in the conversation.

The launch of the new version has already begun and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks. According to WhatsApp, the feature is useful for correcting misspellings and giving more context to a message, for example.

And when there is a change in the text, the application notifies all other participants in the conversation when the modification has occurred.

How to edit messages on WhatsApp

  1. press and hold on the message you sent;
  2. handle “to editOn Android, you must tap first ⁝ (three dots symbol at the top of the screen);
  3. Type your new message and select the “Send” button.

It is possible that the feature to edit messages is not yet available to you. This is because WhatsApp usually releases new features gradually.

A good practice to receive new features is to check the Play Store or App Store if the app is up to date. This does not guarantee the version of the function in your account, but that you have a version that can receive the update.

While editing messages does not access your WhatsApp profile, it is possible to delete your unwanted messages. The app lets you delete content for everyone in the conversation up to two days after you send it.