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How to earn R$450 from Nubank by answering IR related questions?

How to earn R$450 from Nubank by answering IR related questions?

a nubank She announced a campaign that got many customers excited about the possibility of earning extra money. The will pay fintech 450 BRL for some customers who answer a survey on income tax and on investments. To participate, you just need to be a Nubank customer and find the survey emailed to register. However, the financial institution itself will be responsible for electing the winners.

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According to the information received from Nubank, the e-mail containing the questionnaire is automatically sent to the customers. Each contact is chosen randomly, that is, there is no possibility of selection. Fintech also did not disclose the real purpose of the research and what leads to the payment of money for it.

One speculation is that the services offered at Nu Invest will be improved. The Nubank investment platform was inherited from the previous Easy Invest and could be the reason behind such paid research.

How to Compete for 450 R$ in Nubank Research

As previously specified, there is no specific way to participate in the Purple Campaign. What is known is that it is possible to identify active accounts within the investment platform. After all, part of the form will be used to answer information about investments.

Thus, it would not make sense for Nubank to forward email to users who simply do not participate in this world. In addition, it is believed that the account must be active and frequently use the services of the application. Even old customers with better relationships should be the main targets.

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Nubank is one of the fastest growing digital banks in Brazil (if not the largest) since its launch. The platform is always looking for ways to democratize access to the world of banking for clients of all social classes. Recently, Nubank created a tool for people to be able to “build credit” within the app itself. It’s a way to make the card workable for low-income people, for example.