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Can you dry clothes in an air fryer?  See product myths and facts - 03/19/2022

Can you dry clothes in an air fryer? See product myths and facts – 03/19/2022

Like any appliance that is growing in popularity, the air fryer has ended up surrounded by some legends. There are those who swear with their feet together that using the appliance to cook food causes cancer. Others think that the machine is only for making french fries and you can’t use the oil inside.

To remove these and other doubts, tilt I prepared a list that explains the myths and facts about air fryers. paying off!

Does using an air fryer cause cancer? myth

This is a classic. The warning in question indicates that foods prepared in the machine contain acrylamide, a substance that can cause cancer. Which puts an end to the idea that by using an air fryer, you are preparing healthy food.

This is a big myth, In fact. Starting with the fact that an air fryer is nothing more than an electric oven that is heated by convection, that is, it makes hot air move very quickly inside. Acrylamide is a natural product that some foods produce when cooked, and its presence is independent of the cooking method.

Also, in the amount we consume, there is no evidence that it causes cancer.

Is it possible to dry clothes? myth

If the air fryer blows hot wind on everything inside, it can be used dry clothes, the correct? no way!

As on some models, you can use a lower temperature, putting wet clothes inside the device can, at best, damage the clothes. That’s because most clothing today uses synthetic fibres, which are less heat-resistant.

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And even if paralleling is done with a clothes dryer or iron, this application of heat with these devices does not occur in a focused and intense manner as with an air fryer.

At worst, there is a risk of fire. Especially since the air fryers are switched off, there is no way of knowing that they started burning, so turn off the device.

Air fryer consume a lot of energy? myth

An electrical device used to heat a resistor. There’s no way to waste a little electric power, right?

Well, actually it is. Despite being a device that uses electricity to generate high temperatures – which would instantly make it comparable to an electric shower, the big wickedness of consumption – the consumption itself ends up being a no-brainer for several reasons.

The first is that the power of the air fryer, which is close to 1500 watts, is much less than that of a shower: a simple shower easily exceeds 5,000 watts. Moreover, it is very rare for someone to use an air fryer every day and for long periods.

Can you use oil? fact

If the idea behind an air fryer is to fry food without oil, that means you can’t use that ingredient inside the appliance, right?

Actually wrong. It is possible, yes, to use oil to prepare French fries in an air fryer, but this happens in a different way than in a frying pan. At most you will brush or spray oil on the food. And this has only one function: to make the food more golden.

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Can you skip the french fries? fact

Anyone who thinks air fryers are “French fries machines” is wrong. In fact, the device is quite versatile and can have many uses.

Depending on the model, for example, there are functions for drying food. But even in the most traditional, a variety of dishes can be served. Even Meat: With a little experience with the machine, it’s easy to make a highly juicy steak, browned on the outside and pink on the inside.

This also applies to cakes – see the next topic – and desserts, vegetables, vegetables, etc. Basically, you can do just about everything in a conventional oven (and in some cases, a pot or pan) in an air fryer.

Is it possible to use utensils? fact

Another thing that few people know is that having an air fryer doesn’t mean becoming a hostage to the leaky basket that usually accompanies these products. Some models have rotating skewers, but here we will talk about more traditional devices.

It is not difficult to find closed baskets, different shapes, and even paper liners on sale to use inside the main basket of the device. And in general, there is no problem with the use of accessories of this type, because they expand the functionality of the device and make room for preparing recipes such as cakes and pies.