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How to clear recent emojis from WhatsApp keyboard?

How to clear recent emojis from WhatsApp keyboard?

Although there are no original options inside The WhatsApp To clean a date emoji Which I used, there are a few ways to remove it, but it can only be done on Android and via the web version. Or, as a last resort, it is also possible to perform this procedure through the settings of your cell phone.

However, it should be noted that once you delete emojis for WhatsApp, they will also be deleted from the histories in other apps on your smartphone.

In addition, this method used does not delete the list of most recent messages, the one in the emoji selector in WhatsApp itself, indicated by the smiley icon on the keyboard.

Regarding the method used to scan recent emoji history through Whatsapp webThis happens within the browser itself, as long as you connect your account again.

Find out, from now on, how to do the actions.

Scan recent WhatsApp Emojis on Android

  • Go to Settings and select Applications.
  • Then find the Installed keyboard option. Here is Gboard.

  • Next, click on “Storage”.
  • Then select “clear data”;
  • It is at that moment that android It will clean your data and remove the entire list of emojis that you have used in the past few days.

It is worth noting that if you intend to perform this operation, know that all information on your keyboard will be erased, including shortcuts, themes and many other functions. Although, later you can turn it back on again, also in Settings.

This method is used, in some cases, to clean up information that often takes up a lot of space within a file smart phonealthough this process is not one of the best.

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This is because, in addition to having to go through a bunch of steps, you will still run the risk of losing messages and media files on your cell phone.

Scan recent emojis via WhatsApp Web

to do the cleaning Whatsapp webThe process is much simpler, as you just need to clear your application’s cache in order to delete the history on your computer.

However, there is no recipe for clearing the cache, as this will vary from browser to browser. However, if you have Chrome, go to Settings, then Privacy and Security and select Remove browsing data.

After doing that, choose the options related to cached files and cookies and click on Clear Data.

Once you take these steps, just restart your browser, open WhatsApp Web and that’s it! Now, just use your messaging app as normal.