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WhatsApp will stop working for this group

WhatsApp will stop working for this group

The app will stop working for this group of people

You don’t need to be a great expert on the subject to discover that technological progress has allowed for a series of developments in the space-time barrier. The WhatsApp instant messaging exchange can be cited as an example. Communication is facilitated.

Speaking of the app, it has become very popular all over the world. In the face of all this, WhatsApp is constantly evolving with the aim of always meeting the demands of its users. By the way, updates tend to be constant.

However, these updates bring a series of problems for some users. This is because WhatsApp leaked information that some smartphones will no longer receive app services. For a small dimension, at least 48 devices will be affected.

WhatsApp will stop working for this group of users (Image: Clone/Internet)

There will be 46 Android and 2 iOS. As of December 31, 2023, they will no longer be compatible with the platform. In view of this, users who have the affected devices may consider changing the device to a more recent one or who knows how to change WhatsApp for another platform.

What is the new Whatsapp feature?

The fact is that, even with the various requests, the application lacks a tool for saving and editing contacts in a well-organized list. But, from now on, it will not be superfluous to save contacts on the phone so that they appear in the list of messaging applications only then.

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Android phones

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Simply put, the social network allows profiles to save and manage their contacts within the app itself. In theory, this means that it is no longer necessary to exit the tool to add a person and start a conversation with them.

WhatsApp scam (clone/internet)
The app will undergo further updates (Image: Clone/Internet)

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