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How to avoid the dreaded unlimited card message

They have little Limit The credit card should put an end to plans to make new purchases, especially some purchases of larger value. If you’re living without restrictions on your card, learn what you need to do so you don’t risk a purchase being declined and that embarrassment.

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Many clients of different banks complain about the same situation. limit is not enough. When this happens, using the payment method for new purchases is no longer an option. Requesting a limit increase can be a time consuming process. How do you solve the problem?

Refusal to buy because there is no limit? Know what to do

The good news is that many financial institutions in Brazil are starting to embrace a solution that promises to solve the problem and put an end to rejected purchases because there are no limits.

It is a partial permission. Through this resource, the purchase can be approved even when the customer exceeds the limit available on the card. In this way, he will not feel any embarrassment when making a purchase.

When the amount exceeds the limit, the bank that provides the credit card service notifies the customer of the lack of credit. Thus, it is up to the customer to decide whether he prefers to pay part of the amount with the available limit and the rest with another payment method.

Thus, the customer is not exposed to any embarrassment in the trade. On the other hand, partial authorization also helps to increase retail sales, as the customer will no longer have to abandon the purchase due to limit issues. It’s good for everyone.

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The job helps in the trade

The feature is available in various financial institutions. The result can be very important to the trade. Just to give you an idea, 1.5 million purchases were completed last year through partial authorization.

When assessing the search for this service, it should become more popular in more banks, as well as expand in online purchases.