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Amazing news for Caixa Team users

Amazing news for Caixa Team users

Brazilians can rely on the Caixa Tem app to access various services. Associated with the Caixa Econômica Federal Corporation, the application has millions of users, since Caixa Bank is the bank with the largest number of customers in the country, winning by a large margin over other institutions.

According to data from the fourth quarter of 2022, in a survey by the Central Bank of Brazil, Caixa has more than 130 million customers. Thus, the Caixa Tem app was initially created so that millions of Brazilians could receive deposits related to emergency aid, but due to its success, many other tools have been implemented.

Learn more about Caixa Tem news / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How to create an account?

First of all, it is important to clarify that it is not necessary to be a Caixa Econômica customer in order to create a Caixa Tem account. One of the reasons for this is that the social benefits of the federal government, such as Auxílio-Gás and Bolsa Família, are paid through the application’s savings account.

Anyone who wants to create an account in the application can do so for free, you just need to download the application first, at the address: https://bityli.com/kVLvMS. After downloading, open Caixa Tem and click on “Enter” and then “New User”.

In this way, to proceed with the creation of your account, you will need to inform personal data, such as RG and CPF. In addition, you will also need to upload an updated photo of yourself. After these actions, the account will be created.

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Can Caixa Tem users rely on the news?

Among the service options offered by Caixa Tem is the ability to pay bills. To do this, you just need to click on the tab for this action. You can read the barcode automatically by the camera or write it manually. Another possibility is money transfer.

To do this, simply access this option on the main screen, and fill in the necessary data, such as the destination account details, the amount, and the password to confirm the transaction. In addition, it is also possible to withdraw without having a physical card. This can be done by generating a code that is valid for 1 hour.

After that, it is only necessary for the account holder to go to the Caixa Econômica branch and follow the operation at the ATM. It is also possible to go to the Caixa lottery unit. Simply choose ‘Cardless Withdrawal’, specify the withdrawal amount and confirm.

Bolsa Familia paid soon

In March, Bolsa Família will start paying R$600 in installments soon, starting on the 20th through the app’s social savings account.

  • 03/20 – final 1 shekel
  • 03/21 – Finals, value of 2 shekels
  • 03/22 – Finals worth 3 shekels
  • 03/23 – Finals 4 shekels
  • 03/24 – final 5 shekels
  • 03/27 – final 6 shekels
  • 03/28 – final 7 shekels
  • 03/29 – Finals 8 shekels
  • 03/30 – final 9 shekels
  • 03/31 – final 0 shekels

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