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How to add music to an Instagram profile |  apps

How to add music to an Instagram profile | apps

It is now possible to add music to your Instagram profile thanks to a new feature that is slowly being rolled out to the entire user base. The option to add song snippets to your profile works on Android phones and iPhones (iOS) and is ideal for people who want to express themselves with their favorite songs. Another group that could benefit from the novelty are artists who can post their work directly through their Instagram profile.

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Tracks will be limited to Instagram’s library and may be accompanied by a caption of up to 40 characters. However, it should be noted that the songs will not be fully displayed in the profile. This is because, as in Stories, users must select an excerpt of their choice up to thirty seconds long. In the following lines I see step by step to add music to your Instagram profile.

new from Instagram that allows users to add music to a profile; Next, see step by step – Image: Getty Images

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How to add music to your profile Instagram

Step 1: Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then select “Edit Profile”;

First steps to use the new Instagram feature; Users will be able to add songs that represent their “face” to their profile – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 2. Tap on the “Music – Add music to your profile” section. On the next screen, select “Choose a song for your profile”;

The new Instagram tool is available in the Edit Profile section – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 3. In the search bar, find and select the path of your choice. Tap on the current time and drag left or right to locate the part of the song you want to use – it’s possible to select snippets of up to 30 seconds. Then press the “Finish” icon;

To add a song of your choice, simply search for it in the search bar – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 4. If you wish, write a comment for the song in the indicated field. Then press the “Finish” icon;

In addition to adding a track to Instagram, users can also set a caption – Image: Reproduction / Marianna Trallback

Step 5. Done! The song will now appear on your profile.

Example of music added to an Instagram profile – Image: Playback / Marianna Trallback

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