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Alert: WhatsApp finally releases the most anticipated feature by users after many years

After his last steps, he got up WhatsApp Testing a new tool that allows for Transcribe voice messages. The new feature surfaced last week to some users of the app.

a WhatsApp It is the most used instant messaging app in Brazil. There are thousands of users who use the app on a daily basis, either for personal use or as a business tool.

The application is constantly updating new tools and functions to ensure greater security and convenience for users.

Then, get a better understanding of what new tool is being tested and when it will be available to everyone.

WhatsApp is testing a new voice message transcription tool

last week , new whatsapp update Present what we are talking about on social media. That’s because many users started posting Publications The new function that allows transcribing voice messages.

On the Internet, many people celebrated the new job, because it meant a breakthrough for the deaf community in Brazil. In addition, it makes life easier for those who cannot listen to audio at the same time.

According to user reports and screenshots, the audio text appears just below the voice message. like him, It is possible to read the message before opening the audio.

It is not yet known how many people were selected for the test or how the groups were chosen. Moreover, too It is not possible to know when the new functionality will be available to the public.

However, like all other functionality of the app, availability is expected to be released gradually until it reaches everyone.

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WhatsApp launches a new function. Image: Canva

To find out if the job is available to you, just access your cell phone’s app store and update the to request. On Android phones, you just need to go to the Play Store. On iOS devices, you can update through the Apple Store.

The upgrade process is very simple. Just search for the app WhatsApp In the App Store and click on the option “to update”, that appears next to the application name. If transcription is not yet available, wait for it to be released.

whatsapp updates

a WhatsApp It is working on several updates to bring new functions and tools to its users.

The company recently announced that it will allow the same account to be used on up to 4 different devices. Depending on the version, the feature will be available for devices Android and IOS already in the coming weeks.

In addition, the company also revealed that it is studying a A new way to connect WhatsApp Webthe version that allows you to access your account directly from your computer’s browser.

Currently, access is done by reading a QR code. However, Meta has mentioned that it is developing the ability to log in to WhatsApp Web using a phone number. despite of, This is a novelty that does not yet have a release date It may arrive in the near future.


a WhatsApp It is always innovating to better serve its users and make their daily life easier. Between conversation protection tools, better interaction, and new functionality, the app is always moving forward with new updates.

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Among the most recent is the possibility of creating your own avatar, as it has already been implemented in other social networks of the Meta group, such as Instagram.

Also, another simple and useful modern tool is The ability to talk to yourself. That’s because many people have already used the app to save reminders or even lists and links. Therefore, the new tool has made life easier for users, who will no longer need to create a group themselves to save what they want.

The WhatsApp payment tool was an innovation that made life easier for entrepreneurs. With the new feature, they can have more freedom to trade quickly, without having to leave the app.

users WhatsApp You can access all the news of the application when you keep it always updated. So, if none of these tools still appear in your account, update your App Store and take advantage of all the possibilities it offers. WhatsApp can display.