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How Joe Biden Can Be Replaced in the US Campaign

How Joe Biden Can Be Replaced in the US Campaign

US President Joe Biden left the presidential debate this Thursday the 27th and went to a Waffle restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Speaking to reporters about his performance, he said:I think we did well“.

A post by the Democrat on social media Thursday night showed Biden with sunglasses (photo) and the phrase: “Tonight’s debate champion“.

Of course, that’s not the case. An online survey was conducted CNN After the debate, for 67% of viewers, Trump did better. Only 33% believe Biden won the night.

Despite his raspy voice and dark moments, the president, who is running for re-election this year, shows no sign of abandoning his bid for the Democratic Party.


The problem for the Democrats is that they can only replace Joe Biden if they leave him to others.

More than 5,000 delegates have already been selected for the party’s convention in Chicago in August. Of those, more than 95% pledged their loyalty to Biden. When the convention begins, they must choose Biden as the party name.

There is no legal requirement that Democratic delegates vote for the candidate to whom they have sworn their allegiance at the convention, but doing otherwise is neither customary nor acceptable.


Biden’s poor performance in the presidential debates generated several reports in the American and global press regarding Biden’s transition.

Any meeting between Democratic politicians and Biden in the coming hours is seen as an attempt to keep the incumbent president from running in November.

Names that could replace Biden include California Gov. Gavin Newson and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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