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Panama beat USA to take Group C by storm

Panama beat USA to take Group C by storm

The Americans are coming forward. But with 10 of 17 in the first half, they bounced back, took the turn and watched their rivals hit those same three points.

27 June
– 9:09 pm

(Updated at 9:16 p.m.)

Tim Ream, United States defender (in white) tries to stop Panama’s Murillo from attacking

Photo: Eduardo Muñoz/AFP via Getty Images/Jogada10

This Thursday (27/6), North American fans are looking forward to a big win against Panama in Group C of the Copa America at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Atlanta. But he left very disappointed. With ten runs from the 17th minute of the first half – Weah was fired – and so tight, he saw the rival team beat an old CONCACAF client 2-1. Balogan scored a great goal for the US team. But Blackman, still in the first half, and Fajardo turned the game around in the closing stages at the 38.

In this way, Panama achieves the same three points as the United States. The second round of Group C of the Copa America pits Uruguay and Bolivia against each other this Thursday. In the final round, Panama faces Bolivia, while the United States plays Uruguay.

USA leads by ten and draws

Panama was surprised. After all, he was able to put pressure on the US, almost scoring in the first minute with Barcinas’ bicycle kick. They even had the ball against an American team playing at home and they wanted to shut themselves down. This became even more evident when striker Weah was sent off for an unbeaten attack on Miller. However, the U.S. managed to find a better goal in the 21st minute when Balogan played in with Robinson on the left and sent a beautiful shot from outside the area. However, four minutes later in a flurry of moves, Blackman collided with the defence. However, he tackled the ball with no chance for goalkeeper Turner and shot from outside the area.

Panama turns the tide

In the second half, nothing changed. Panama continued with more possession (an impressive 75%) and more shots (13-6 at the end of the game). There was a penalty, but it was disallowed when the referee saw Fajardo simulating a foul by Carter-Vickers. At this point the American team rarely attacked (Pulisic’s shot, Pepi’s header and nothing else). And by giving the Panamanians more space, they saw their rival turn the game around. and on the movement of players at halftime. Ayrsa crossed and Fajardo latched onto it first-time, scoring Howard (who replaced Turner at half-time) and eventually Panama standout Carrasquilla was sent off for a violent foul from behind on Pulisic. But he was positive.

Panama 2X1 United States

3rd round of Group C of the Copa America

Date: 6/27/2024

local: Mercedes Benz Arena, Atlanta (USA)

Panama: Mosque; Murillo, Farina, Jose Cordoba, Miller and Eric Davis; Blackman (Gondola, 14’/2ndQ), Cristian Martínez (Ayarza, 30’/2ndQ) and Carrasquilla; Barcenas and Guerrero (Fajardo break). Technologist: Thomas Christiansen

to us: Matt Turner (Howard, halftime); Scally, Richards, Ream and Robinson; Rayna (Carter Vickers, Intermission), Adams (Johnny, Intermission) and McKenney; Balogun (baby, 26’/2nd K), Timothy Way and Pulisic. Technologist: Greg Behalter

goals: Balogun, 21’/1st Q (0-1); Blackman, 25’/1st Q (1-1). Fajardo, 38’/2nd Q (2-1)

Referee: Ivan Barton (SLV)

Supplements: David Moran (SLV) Henry Bupiro (NIC)

VAR: Tatiana Guzman (NIC)

Yellow cards: Richards, Robinson (USA); Guerrero, Farina, Gondola (PAN)

Red cards: Weah, (USA, 17’/1st Q); Karasculla, (PAN, 42’/2ºT)

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