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How is IR tax evasion detected?

How is IR tax evasion detected?

a tax authority It is a vital institution for the country's economic balance. After all, the Authority controls and administers all Union taxes, including social security revenues and amounts arising from foreign trade, for example.

In this way, all citizens who meet the entity's minimum requirements must submit an accounting Income tax Through an advertisement. The document must be submitted by the specified deadline to avoid fines and other legal problems.

By now, anyone who has ever used a pre-filled version of an Investor Relations Declaration form must have noticed that there is a significant amount of data that the government already has on every taxpayer. But how does the government access all this and how are cases of tax evasion detected?

The answer to this question is very simple. What happens is the crossing of financial and tax information made by the IRS. Through this process, several sources are consulted and each contributes specific elements about the financial situation of companies and individuals. See the most important ones:

  • Personal Income Tax Return (IRPF)
  • Declaration of Credit Card Operations (DECRED)
  • Medical and health services declaration (DMED)
  • Information Declaration on Real Estate Activities (DIMOB)
  • Electronic Invoice (NFe) and Consumer Electronic Invoice (NFCe)
  • Electronic Finance

How to avoid falling into the “micro-grid”

In addition to the options described above, the tax authority also reviews the data with international entities, if necessary, to expand the scope of the analysis. Therefore, the best thing you can do is always act within the law and avoid what is scary.”Thin mesh“.

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To prevent this uncomfortable situation from occurring, it is necessary to maintain transparency in advertising, and provide all information up to date and accurate. Therefore, never omit income, property, deductible expenses and debts and always keep supporting invoices, in case further clarification is required.