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'How I went from a rich woman to a homeless man living in a shelter' |  the world

'How I went from a rich woman to a homeless man living in a shelter' | the world

Christian says volunteering saved his life – Photo: Personal archive

Daughter of the Formula 1 legend UK It tells how she came to be a rich woman homelessUntil you change the direction of your life again.

Christian Ireland grew up following his father Innes Ireland on the racetrack, spending his days with other racing champions such as Stirling Moss and Graham Hill.

According to him, volunteering at a community garden project saved his life.

Recalling his early years with his father, he says it was like “living in a circus”.

“Stirling [automobilista britânico que foi quatro vezes vice-campeão da Fórmula 1] He was her best friend. Frank Williams [fundador e dirigente da equipe de Fórmula 1 Williams] We will go to Stirling's house for dinner. He put me in the car and off we went,” she recalls.

“Unlike Formula 1 now, everyone's door was open.”

But after years of driving big cars and traveling the world, he ended up with a suitcase on the doorstep of a homeless shelter in the southern British city of Andover.

“It was like falling from an ivory tower,” he says.

Formula 1 Grand Prix champion British racing driver Innes Ireland's daughter Christian in 1961 when she was three years old – Photo: Personal Archive

He says he was 58 at the time, twice divorced, addicted to alcohol and had no choice but to move out of his old home in Berkshire and live in a shelter.

“From 8am, I had to leave the shelter. I didn't know how to live on the streets, I didn't know anyone,” she says.

“I spend most of my day trying to make sure I don't drink, because once I start, I lose control.”

He began working on a small farm in Andover.

“On days when I wasn't feeling well and wanted to go out and have a drink, I would put one foot in front of the other and go to the vegetable garden,” he recalls.

Christian and his parents lived a wealthy life – photo: personal archive

The garden quickly gave her hope, and after a few months, Christian was able to find a job and rent an apartment.

Now the 65-year-old works as a support manager for a charity where she volunteers and helps oversee a food donation program for people in need.

“I grew up in our vegetable garden,” she says.

Visiting a homeless shelter is one of the most difficult times in the Christian life.

But she also believes that losing everything made her a better person.

“In a way, looking back, I know [essa experiência] Like a snake shedding its skin. Then I found myself,” he says.

Christian encourages others to consider volunteering as a New Year's resolution.

“It's never too late to make a change. Put one foot in front of the other and things will happen,” he adds.