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Argentina claims the Malvinas and urges the United Kingdom to resume negotiations

Argentina claims the Malvinas and urges the United Kingdom to resume negotiations

Argentina's government this Wednesday claimed “legitimate rights” over the Falkland Islands and called for a “mature relationship” with the United Kingdom based on a “climate of trust” conducive to the resumption of bilateral talks.

However, London has always made it clear that it is not ready to relinquish control of the archipelago located in the South Atlantic.

On January 3, 1833, on the anniversary of the British visit to those distant islands, Argentina's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MNE) reiterated that the South American country was “successor” to Spanish colonial territories and that the United Kingdom had “committed an act contrary to international law and never consented to it”.

“The national constitution states that the effective exercise of our sovereignty in these territories, in accordance with international law and respecting the way of life of their citizens, restores the permanent and irrevocable intention of the Argentine people,” a statement said. Argentina MNE, which also extends to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands and the surrounding waters.

Buenos Aires called on the UN to insist that this “sovereignty dispute” should be resolved by the parties through bilateral negotiations.

Argentina, added the MNE, firmly believes that “the only way to recover its rights is through diplomacy” and therefore hopes for a “peaceful solution” “as soon as possible”.

The new Argentine president, Javier Millay, praised the leadership of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990), under whose command, in 1982, the last armed conflict for control of the Falklands (as the British called the Falklands) took place. , but declared that it would not change the government's position on the islands and would continue to maintain the country's sovereignty over their respective territories.

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