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The government of Tocantins launched the state's Science, Technology and Innovation Program

The government of Tocantins launched the state’s Science, Technology and Innovation Program

The state government, through Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Tocantins (Fapt), will launch this Thursday, 10, 2 p.m. in the conference room of Palácio Araguaia in Palmas – Tocantins, the State Program for Science, Technology and Innovation. “The target audience for the event is the scientific community and managers. The aim is to present a package of measures that promote the development of the country, through projects in the most diverse fields of knowledge.

During the event, various actions will be presented, such as the Tocantins Technological Park project, the signing of the terms of the grant by the researchers of the Productivity Grant – Phase I; Signing of the agreement between FAPT and Instituto Natureza do Tocantins (Naturatins); Handing out cost cards to Capes/Fapt Scholarship Program project coordinators; Delivery of Laboratory Animal Reference Work (LARA); delivery of restructuring project vehicles; Pre-launch invitation for the Centelha TO program; Foundation for the legal framework for science, technology, innovation and other procedures.

According to Fapt President, Marcio Silvera, the actions will be implemented in the short, medium and long term, similar to some work already underway, such as the Bolsa Productivity Public Notice, which supports researchers with qualifications and human resources training in scientific research, a measure that has not been done in country 30 years ago.

“The event will provide a presentation of several actions that are part of the science and technology program, which will support the implementation of the technology park, in the medium and long term, as the enterprise project is in the bidding stage and with the parliamentary amendment being implemented and which will contribute significantly to building Innovation Center A work that will bring the scientific community closer to the productive sector.

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Silvera also stressed that all these measures will contribute to the economic development of the state, in all fields of knowledge, especially in health and education. In this way, the President stated that the state’s Science, Technology and Innovation Program is a vector of development in the state, which will mark the history of Tocantins.

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