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Here are five tips to better control your iPhone – Link

To make your life easier, you can leave your favorite apps at hand and set your favorite browser to open links

a an Apple It recently released an update for its operating system, iOS 14.5, giving users more control over their personal data. But if you are looking to have better control over your files IphoneThere are also options for that. Want to keep your favorite apps close at hand, tag friends in the messaging app, or set your favorite browser to open links? You can do this and more.

Here are some quick tips to improve your iPhone experience.

1. Customize Your Control Center

Control Center — the easy-to-use settings panel accessed with a bottom-up swipe across the screen — debuted in 2013 and became even more useful when Apple started letting users add their favorite buttons, a few years later. If you haven’t already modified the Control Center to add the features and functionality you use the most, simply open the Settings icon on the home screen, scroll down and choose Control Center.

From the list on the next screen, choose the application icons and functions you want to activate from the Control Center. While tools like Flashlight are already there by default, you can remove buttons you never use and add icons for apps you want, like Magnifier, a scanner. QR Code Or even the Shazam music recognition feature. To rearrange the icons on the screen, drag them up or down the list before closing the Settings app.

2. Configure the playback feature

Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way to interact with our devices besides screen flicks and voice commands? If you have iPhone 8 When you’re running iOS 14 or later for your device and operating system, you can use the Touch Back feature to make your device perform a specific action when you touch the back of the phone.

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To configure, open Settings, select Accessibility, tap – and scroll down to tap Back. Once you select Play Back, choose Double Tap or Triple Tap – and Play Back should work even if your iPhone is in a case.

3. Choose email and web browsing apps

Tired of seeing your iPhone always open Safari instead of your favorite DuckDuckGo browser when you click on a link? Or when the Mail app opens instead of a file GmailWhen you choose an email address from your contact list? If your phone is running iOS 14 or later, you can choose which apps you want as default.

For that to happen, ask Siri to “Open Gmail Settings” or any other app you want to use. You can also press the Settings icon on the home screen, scroll to the name of the app and select it for your configuration. Click on the default browser app or the default email app and on the next screen select your preferred program.

4. Target your responses in messages

Do you want to reply to a specific post in a conversation in Messages or grab the attention of a specific person in a chat group, such as some social networking platform? Both actions are possible.

To reply to a specific message in both dialogs and group chats where everyone uses messaging, tap your finger on that message until a menu appears. Select Reply, type your response, then tap the blue arrow to send. To tag someone in a conversation so that they receive a notification, type the @ symbol before the name, or type and select the name when it appears on screen in your contacts.

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5. Get the Siri you’ve always wanted

voice assistant siri, who celebrates his 10th iPhone birthday in October, has lost out in terms of knowledge and interest to ل

Alexa, yes AmazonGoogle Assistant in recent years. To increase Siri’s capabilities, Apple added more capabilities to it in iOS 14. And with iOS 14.5, the feature now includes more voice options.

To change the sound of Siri and the times it plays, open the Settings icon on the home screen, choose Siri & Search, and select your preference. You can also choose to display your written conversations on the screen by selecting Siri responses and then “Always show Siri translations” and “Always show speech” to make sure you see every word.