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Helldivers 2 is being played less and less on Steam

Helldivers 2 is being played less and less on Steam

Arrowhead’s Helldivers 2 was a huge hit in the gaming community, so much so that it became the best-selling PlayStation game of all time.

The game was released in February on PS5 and PC, and eventually reached 458,709 concurrent players on Steam; however, since then, that number has steadily declined and now represents only about 10% of that historic peak in concurrent players.

In late May, SteamDB showed that Helldivers 2’s peak at the time had dropped by 64% to 166,305. That number has recently dropped by 35%, to an average of 41,860 concurrent players on Steam over 30 days (thanks, Forbes).

At the time of writing, SteamDB charts reveal that 45,315 players have played Helldivers 2 in the past 24 hours; currently, there are only 14,031 in the game.

This drop in values ​​is likely related to some of the controversy surrounding Helldivers 2, specifically the infamous PSN debacle that led to the game being pulled from 177 countries. As expected, all of this led to a wave of criticism from fans.

We’ll see if support for Helldivers 2 increases in the near future.

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