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He is a ceramic craftsman with e-commerce

He is a ceramic craftsman with e-commerce

In the depths Social media, an unusual story that has gained fame and won the hearts of millions of users around the world. It's a funky cat named Momo, who caused quite a stir when he showed off his amazing pottery skills.

So, let's explore the path of this talented cat and how he conquered social media with his unique creations.

The rise of the literal cat

The video that Momo tossed to Fame It was shared by businesswoman Sofia Renata, owner of Sofia Renata Pottery, based in Chicago, US.

In this video, Momo is seen carving a ceramic cup with the help of her owner, mesmerizing millions of viewers with her ingenuity and charm. The video quickly went viral, garnering more than 10 million views on X (formerly Twitter) alone.

Sofia Renata maintains a TikTok account dedicated to her ceramics business, where she shares videos of Momo and her creations.

With over 72.6k followers, the profile has been a huge success, with some videos crossing the 45 million views mark. The highlight of the video is the video in which Momo is seen working on the glass, demonstrating her skill and charm in front of the cameras.

Momo works

Momo's sudden fame did not go unnoticed by viewers, and questions quickly arose about how to acquire her unique artwork.

Sofia Renata seized the opportunity to turn Momo's popularity into a profitable business. She launched an e-commerce site called Ceramics by Sophia (and Momo!), where she sells a variety of products inspired by the talented cat.

Although the mug shown in the viral video is not available for sale, it is possible to find similar products for sale on the site for 35 USD, which is about 175 Brazilian reais. In addition to the mugs, there are other products such as plates, blouses and t-shirts inspired The cute Momo figure is also available for purchase.

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Public reaction

In the comments on the videos posted on social media, the audience was full of praise and affection for Momo and her creations. Many expressed their desire to acquire the work of the talented feline “maker,” while others expressed their pride in having such a skilled cat as their companion.

Momo's story is a great example of how creativity and charisma can turn a simple cat into a social media sensation and business venture. profitable. His videos have enchanted millions of viewers around the world, proving that talent can be found in the most unexpected places.