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Haddad says he expects to cancel 2.5 million CPFs in Desenrola – Notícias

Haddad says he expects to cancel 2.5 million CPFs in Desenrola – Notícias

The banks have already negotiated nearly R$500 million
Carlos Magno / Future Press / Contestadio DO-6/6/2023

Finance Minister Fernando Haddad said on Monday (24) that he expects to reach the target of 2 million to 2.5 million CPF cleared through program unfold.

In an interview with ministry journalists, Haddad stated that although it is not yet possible to set concrete projections, the debt renegotiation program “certainly” should reach millions of Brazilians.

You Banks have already negotiated nearly R$500 million In the first five days of Desenrola Brasil, Verapan (Brazilian Banking Federation) reported on Saturday (22). Volume refers exclusively to customers covered in Scope 2, which includes more than 150,000 debt contracts.

In the same period, financial institutions cleared more than 2 million records of customers with bank debts of up to R$100.

The debt renegotiation program, designed by the federal government and supported by Ferrapan (Brazilian Federation of Banks), went into effect on the 17th.

The first stage will cover bank debts. Individuals with bank debts of up to R$100 will automatically get a clean name in the institutions. Thus, the beneficiaries can take credit again or enter into a lease, if they have no other restrictions. But failure to pay the renegotiated premiums leads to new negative results.

The program, which will be effective until December 31, 2023, has 2 groups of beneficiaries and starts at Band 2, targeting individuals with income above the minimum wage (2,640 R$) up to R$ 20,000 and bank debts with no value limits.

Level 1, on the other hand, is aimed at individuals who have a monthly income of up to a minimum wage or are listed in a CadÚnico (Cadastro Único, for beneficiaries of the federal government’s social programs) with debts of up to R$5,000, which must be included throughout the second half. The government is developing a specific platform for this audience.

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In all, it is expected that special conditions will be created to facilitate renegotiation for approximately 70 million people.