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Gustavo Meoto surprises Ana Castilla and invades his love proposal to the delight of fans


Karam Sertanego, the artist, Fajr Al-Sabbat (29)

Playback / Instagram Ana Castilla

Gustavo Meoto and Ana Castilla have known each other for a long time. However, the intimacy between the two sertanejos increases with each passing day. There is no shortage of reasons for the sertanejo couple to stay together or to assume something that we may still not know. Despite working with rumors, the two use their intimacy to delight their fans.

The whole hype is due to Gustavo Meoto, who invaded his affair scene early Saturday (29). Even without assuming such intimacy, he went to honor his stage partner.

Playback / Instagram Ana Castilla

At a certain point in the show, he suddenly entered the stage without notifying the production and the two sang the song Evidências, known in the voices of Chitãozinho and Xororó. Fans, of course, loved the moment.

This week, Ana Castilla spoke about her relationship with Gustavo. “Not yet dating, but we’re clearly past the ‘we’re getting to know each other’ stage. We’ve already met. We know family. But for now, let’s just let it all be alright.”

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