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Gilda falls in love with Orlando and Gaspar notices a bull wig

Gilda falls in love with Orlando and Gaspar notices a bull wig

Gilda (Mariana Ximenes) will start sneaking up on Orlando (Diogo Almeida) and will feel something Marie’s (Camila Queiroz) friend didn’t expect in full love. In the following chapters of Globo’s TV series at six in the morningthe villain will take advantage of the boy’s despair with Marcelino hospitalized and in danger of dying and will begin to play magic for him.

Gaspar (Thiago Lacerda) will notice the atmosphere between them and will be jealous. Nor will he like Gilda’s closeness to Julio (Daniel Rangel), and the stench of betrayal, he’ll feel flattered by Shrek the Villain.

With the situation, the two will exchange insults and threats. a ntilinha It presents the main events of the seasons of the series, which will be shown between May 8 and May 13, for the characters of Mariana Ximenes and Camila Queiroz.

Perfect Love was created and written by Douka Rasheed and Julio Fischer with art direction by Andre Camara. The production is done by Mônica Fernandes and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim.

In Perfect Love, Gilda begins to feel in love with Orlando

  • Albuquerque insinuates that Mary was the reason Wanda’s store was destroyed.
  • Gaspar congratulates Gilda on Marie’s job loss.
  • Marcelino worries about Mary and runs away from the school.
  • Mary decides to fund the renovation of Wanda’s store with money from the family jewel she pledged.
  • The monks announced that Mary would have to leave the orphanage.
  • Father Donato worries about how Marcelino will react to Mary’s departure.
  • At Gilda’s request, Sílvio bribes Albuquerque to suspend investigations into the robbery of Wanda’s store.
  • Orlando invites Mary to live with him. Julio convinces Marie to move in with him, and Sonia is worried.
  • Friar Severo reveals to Marcelino that Mary is leaving the Brotherhood.
  • Marcelino escapes and ends up being stung by a scorpion.
  • Orlando explains to Marie that the serum has already been administered to Marcelino, and they have to wait.
  • Marcelino gets worse and Mary and Orlando despair. Gilda takes advantage of Orlando’s condition and embraces her. The monks capture Gilda and Orlando together.
  • Gilda disguises herself, and Orlando claims to care for Marcelino as if he were his own son.
  • Mary says she will stay with Marcelino until he gets better. As a miracle, the boy receives a supernatural visitation and quickly improves.
  • Gilda thinks fondly of Orlando.
  • Mary moves into Julio’s house.
  • Orlando worries about Julio’s love for Mary.
  • Gilda hints at Orlando, and Gaspar becomes jealous.
  • Orlando catches Mary close to Julio and gets upset.
  • Orlando tells Gilda that he is going to marry Mary.
  • Gilda provokes Mary and Orlando.
  • Gaspar and Gilda exchange threats.
  • Mary asks Orlando to talk about his family.
  • Mary is stunned when she sees Julio entering his room.
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Note: Events related to series seasons that will run from Monday (08/05) to Saturday (13/05). Globo can change the order of scenes in editing.