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GTA RP Cidade Alta will have vaccines with Pfizer to fight Covid-19 |  Action games

GTA RP Cidade Alta will have vaccines with Pfizer to fight Covid-19 | Action games

Server Cidade Alta de GTA RP (Role Playing) The first virtual vaccination campaign against Covid-19 will be organized in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. During a special event that ends on November 25, users will be able to participate in a mission to be vaccinated in the game. To take the lead into the real world, those who have been immunized with at least one potion can get bonuses for their characters. Cidade Alta is a server that is maintained by Outplay and can be accessed through GTA 5 On PC, where players interpret their daily actions.

Cidade Alta server from GTA RP wins vaccination campaign in partnership with Pfizer – Photo: Disclosure / Outplay

To start the mission, users will need to go to the virtual vaccination center within the game to be vaccinated approx. This will give a special bandage on the character’s arm indicating immunization.

To earn rewards, the player needs to post on files Instagram where TwitterAnd, publicly, an image showing he’s also been vaccinated in the real world with the hashtag #VacinaInGame, as well as the GTA RP character’s passport number. Upon confirmation of vaccination, the user will receive a 100% Dark Ribbon, 100% Survival Ribbon and an exclusive Sweatshirt to customize their avatar.

The event, conceived by advertising agency Ogilvy in partnership with Druid and Outplay, is part of the “Vacina. Tomar para Retomar” campaign. The goal is to increase vaccination among the youth of Generation Z, for whom the game has great connectivity, says Druid CEO Claudio Lima. According to Bulot Benetti, CEO of Outplay, the Cidade Alta server has more than 6 million views per day across multiple platforms. He claims to be committed to not only bringing entertainment, but knowledge and awareness to those who view the creators and streamers on his platform.

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